The method that may stop the Corona pandemic in a few days


Dr. Eran Eshkhar N.D. Naturologist, M.P.H. – Master of Public Health and Medical Sciences
 (from the Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University and Hadassah hospital)
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Hello friends

I’m going to introduce you to a simple and quick treatment method that is likely to make you immune to the Corona virus and many other viruses that settle in a person’s respiratory system. Furthermore, even if you are infected with the virus, you have an opportunity window of 2-14 days to eliminate the virus and recover easily without developing any symptoms. Please share this information with all of your friends as it may save lives!

This method is based on a number of clinical studies in laboratory cultures as well as studies on humans in several regions of the world. These studies have shown that the fear of the virus spreading in the body can be removed through just a few minutes of daily preventative therapy.

I emphasize that this treatment does not replace the other hygiene and isolation precautions necessary to reduce the chance of getting the Corona virus. Also, this procedure has not yet been reviewed or approved by any official. It should only be considered as one more layer of potential prevention actions and should be taken in addition to all other precautions recommended by the CDC, HWO and other health authorities including: hand washing, avoid socializing, coughing and cuff sneezing, avoiding close contact with persons displaying symptoms, verification or negation of COVID-19 virus if fever and other respiratory symptoms develop, and seeking immediate medical advice if you are tested positive for the virus, or if the symptoms persist or worsen. It must however also be understood that after the virus has passed into the lungs, which can occur in up to 20% of patients within one to two weeks, the virus is too far away physically for an external source of heat to be affected significantly through this procedure. 

It seems that the benefits of using this procedure may be only received when used for prevention and early treatment. Therefore, this is not a substitute for medical advice. Its content should only be considered as educational information.

The Corona epidemic has been declared a World Health Emergency by the World Health Organization. So far, it has caused enormous economic damage and has affected the lives of billions of people around the globe.

It seems that while many scientists are looking for a vaccine or biological solution to the epidemic, they may be ignoring a much easier and faster solution to this crisis. The solution is right under their noses but for some reason they do not make use of it and allow leaders and politicians to make harsh and destructive decisions to humanity and to the world’s economies.

Biomedical solutions are complex and expensive and their development takes a long time. The virus can also change to a more violent version. It may become a new version immune to any of the potential vaccines currently under development.

What is the important discovery here?

It is important to recognize that the Corona virus has a weak point or link which is exploitable and is common to most upper respiratory tract viruses. Although they can easily survive for weeks at or near freezing temperatures, these viruses dissolve within minutes when exposed to higher air temperatures. Therefore, viruses generally tend to live and reproduce only in the coolest part of the body, usually within the epithelial cells of the nasal cavities and sinus cavities. Because the sinuses are located just behind the cheeks and nostrils, these nasal cavities are often almost as cool as the outside air we breathe during the colder months of the year. But, as the outside air temperature rises, so do our sinus temperatures. Once the temperature in the nasal cavities and sinuses increases, the reproductive and survival capacity of these viruses is small and even disappears. They just disappear quickly.

Many laboratory studies have shown that most upper respiratory viruses, including 200 different types, easily disintegrate in less than 15 minutes at a temperature of 56 degrees Celsius. The following are the studies that the conclusion is based on:

Biomed Environ Sci 2003 sep`: 16 (3): 246-55

J Med Virol, 23 (3), 297-301 נובמבר 1987

Journal of Virology, feb` 1968, עמ ‘. 149-154

The studies found that heating the virus in the laboratory caused the virus`s  outer membrane to disintegrate and collapse within a few minutes in an irreversible manner, thus losing the ability to infect further. Therefore, the heating principle can be used personally to prevent the adhesive chain completely. If we can raise the temperature of our sinuses to 56 degrees long enough for the virus to break down, the symptoms and infection will stop and the epidemic will end.

The human body, infected with the virus, tries to do the same by raising the heat on its own. This natural heating reaction can only raise the core temperature by a few degrees. But even raising the temperature slightly is enough to start slowing down the rate of virus reproduction and buys valuable time for the body to start producing antibodies that can focus on invading viruses and produce interferon that further increases the body`s antiviral defense. Elderly people whose immune system is weakened by drugs and whose bodies and blood are contaminated and whose neural energy is consequently low due to poor nutrition, are unable to produce high enough heat. Hence for them the virus can be fatal. The “experts” do not actually understand the needs of this high-risk population and actually do nothing for them to help them survive.

The Self-care method:

So take note, when a person is infected with the virus he has 2-14 days of grace where the viruses are located in the coolest place in the body, nasal cavities and sinuses, and only afterwards move in to the airways and lungs. So we can take advantage of these days by using an external heat source to expose the viruses to heat and thus destroy them. We can heat the sinus cavities a little above the deadly virus temperature, because the sinuses are located just few inches from the nostril. This can be achieved easily, without damage or risk, simply by inhaling hot air. Then the coolest part of the body becomes the hottest part of the body and in this hostile environment the viruses are literally melting.

Because some single viruses may be temporarily protected from a direct flow of hot air by natural obstacles within the sinuses, some may survive and proliferate, allowing infection to continue. Therefore, the treatment should be repeated several times a day until the final destruction of all viruses occurs. Here you have a simple method for heating the sinuses.

Hairdryers can be found in almost every home. Here are the instructions:

1. Take the dryer and set it to medium heat and medium air speed.

2. Connect the special narrow attachment of the dryer to the end to reduce the hot air outlet to only a
     narrow, long opening, otherwise the hot air will reach and heat your whole face

3. Take a plastic bottle filled with water and with a nozzle on the top of it.

4. Take a small towel and spread it slightly over your upper lip and cheeks and pull it back to the sides
    and behind the head where you will tighten both ends with a clothespin to keep it tight. The towel
    will protect your lips, cheeks and chin from high heat stroke.

5. Place the dryer 5 cm away from the nostrils and turn it on as you breathe deeply throught
 nose. Gradually try to get closer to the nostril’s orifice and reach the maximum proximity and
    heat that you can withstand.

6. Put a clock in front of you and measure 6-7 minutes of heating.

7. Every 45 seconds turn the dryer aside and flush water from bottle into the nostrils and on the nose.
    This is important for cooling the skin of the nose but especially so that the nasal cavities and hair
    are not dehydrated and damaged. Immediately afterwards, continue to flow the hot air into the

 8. Pay attention to hold the dryer at an angle where the air can enter the nostrils but is not aimed at
     the eyes so as not to dry them. You can lean forward with both elbows on your legs throughout the

9. If you do this as a prevention, repeat this procedure again exactly after an hour.

10. If you are suspected of being infected or known to be infected with the virus, repeat this
      procedure six times a day for a few days. You can then use the procedure once a day.

Experience showed that after one treatment, symptoms were greatly relieved. This procedure was first suggested in the book “Conquer the Cold and Flu”. Since then, it has been successfully tested in over 55 countries with exceptionally high success rates.

My Experiments:

To save you from dangerous ideas I will tell you that I have done several experiments.

The first experiment was the heating of the sinuses using a steam boiling pot. Immediately after turning off the fire, I started inhaling the hot steam. The temperature of the hot air and steam at the entrance to the nostril was measured and found to be in the 45 degree Celsius, which is 12 degrees less than the required temperature. An attempt to raise the temperature above 45 degrees caused burning of the face`s skin and eyes and was unbearable.

In the second experiment, a hair dryer was used and the temperature was measured at the nostril entrance. The maximum temperature measured was 69 degrees and the warm air was tolerable! The lowest temperature measured was 57.5 degrees, which is, in any case in the deadly range for viruses.

My conclusions were as follows: 

1. Hot and humid air is unbearable over 48 degrees.

2. Hot but dry air is very much tolerated even at a temperatures of – 56 degrees and above, especially
     if it is targeted to a specific area of the body.

3. Hot fumes are dangerous to your skin and eyes and can cause severe burns and irreversible amage
     to the eye lenses.

4. The clinical experience on five people so far has shown 100% success results, meaning that all
     symptoms are resolved after 1-3 days of treatment.


This procedure has the potential to eradicate the Corona epidemic and other epidemics that will attack us in the future, at no cost, compared to billions currently being thrown in the trash during the implementation of ideas that will only benefit in the short term and in a very limited manner.

Elderly people who are unable to perform the procedure alone will need help from someone, but then much caution is needed to avoid skin burns.
Please offer this procedure immediately to any elderly person you know.

So please spread this important information to all your acquaintances. It is our duty.
 Remember that, we’re all one.

It must be emphasized that this treatment of course does not replace the necessary nutritional modifications that should be made to increase the immune system abilities and for preventing all kinds of diseases.

I would love to receive comments from anyone who uses this method about its results. The aggregate information is essential for the benefit of all humanity.

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I wish you all the best

Dr. Eran Eshkhar N.D. Naturologist, M.P.H. – Master of Public Health and Medical Sciences
(from the Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Hospital)

Phone numbes : +357-99883351-2 or +972-37225292 or WhatsApp phone: +972-54-5742631


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